For the Sake of the Animals Don’t Give Up – Awesome New Support for Veg*ns

Whatever sort of problem we experience as veg*n animal advocates – and we all have a few, whether it’s being ridiculed or trolled, feeling utterly isolated among family and friends, struggling with the diet, right through to compassion fatigue and burnout – there is a totally awesome new venture all ready to give each of us the individual support we need. And this support means we can stay strong fighting for the animals.

It’s called The Animal Activist Support Line

The sad facts are these:

  • 84% of vegetarians and vegans resume eating meat, according to Faunalytics
  • Nearly half of those said they just found the diet too difficult
  • Nearly half said they were influenced by their significant other when they lapsed
  • A huge 63% said they couldn’t hack sticking out from the crowd

None of that is good news.

Veg*ns can also get depressed, or even suffer from PTSD. I certainly know of a young vegan who was still suffering from PTSD a year after a visit to a slaughterhouse which was part of an animal Husbandry college course. You know what it’s like – just when we think we’ve already seen into every vile corner of the human heart, we come across a new obscenity of animal abuse exposed on Facebook, and feel such crushing sorrow and emotional pain. Sometimes we wonder if we have the strength to go on. Or even if there is any point. Do those thousands of petitions we sign make any difference? Do those demos change anything, or do people just think we’re fanatical cranks? Does all our social media action help at all? Do people even look at the leaflets we hand out, before they drop them in the nearest bin?

The wonderful Animal Activist Support Line is there to help. You can choose from

  • 24-hr email support
  • 24-hr online chat
  • 24-hr texting support
  • Daily email affirmations – cute animals dropping into your Inbox to bring back your smile!

The Support Line says

We’re here to help with

  • Burn-out & compassion fatigue
  • Depression, anxiety, isolation, & stress
  • Unsupportive friends/family
  • Difficulty transitioning to a veg lifestyle
  • Activist in-fighting
  • Concerns about effective activism

We can provide

  • Non-judgmental support
  • Crisis intervention & support
  • Help getting involved in animal rights
  • Self-care strategies
  • Resources about effective activism
  • Answers to questions

As you can see, if you’re one of the lucky veg*ns who is sailing happily along with no need of support, you will still find useful activism resources on the website. Plus we can donate to this invaluable service, which has the potential to make a big difference in bringing down that huge figure of 83% of veg*ns who fall by the wayside.
Whatever way we choose to use this service, it ultimately goes to help the animals, which is what we are all about.
Please tell your friends!


6 thoughts on “For the Sake of the Animals Don’t Give Up – Awesome New Support for Veg*ns

  1. I’m probably going to sound judgmental, but here goes: If people find adhering to a vegan diet too difficult, if they cave in to the wishes of a Significant Other, and if they don’t want to be “different” from the crowd, then they don’t care enough to be good animals advocates to begin with.

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    1. Very true. The Faunalytics data is not quoted by the Support Line, but by me! 58% of those who fall by the wayside are people who went vegan for health reasons, and most of the 58% transitioned very quickly over a matter of days. The Animal Activist Support Line does offer help to transition successfully to those finding the diet difficult. So even if some of the people getting help are not dedicated activists, their getting support might mean fewer of them dropping out and fewer animals suffering. But that’s just one kind of help on offer. There is help available for committed activists too!


  2. 84%. :/

    That’s… don’t know what to say.

    But the helpline is a good thing at least. Between that, self care in general being more of a thing now, and the mainstreaming of veganism/vegetarianism, maybe that will start to turn around?

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