8 Amazing Piggy Facts & Faces

Well, if we’re going to be picky there are 11 faces, but who’s counting. Just enjoy! And send good vibes and prayers for Anita Krajnc facing trial today with a probable prison sentence if she is convicted. Compassion is not a crime.

With thanks to ChooseVeg.com for this beautiful little compilation of amazing piggy facts and adorable piggy faces

1. Pigs are considered the fifth-most intelligent animal in the world—even more intelligent than dogs—and are capable of playing video games with more focus and success than chimps!


2. Mother pigs sing to their young while nursing.


3. Pigs enjoy snuggling close to one another and prefer to sleep nose-to-nose.


4. Pigs have excellent object-location memory. If they find grub in a specific spot, they’ll remember to look there next time!


5. Pigs have a sophisticated sense of direction. They can find their way home from huge distances away.


6. In the Chinese zodiac, the pig represents fortune, happiness and honesty.


7. Mother pigs use individual calls for each of their piglets. Newborn piglets recognise their own calls and run to their mother’s voice.


8. Pigs can run up to 11 miles per hour.


Pigs – persons not property, friends not food.

Here’s how to Choose Veg

Dedicated to Anita Krajnc of Toronto Pig Save on trial today (24th Aug) for the crime of giving water to dehydrated pigs on their way to the slaughterhouse.

Support Anita with these hashtags on social media
#IStandWithAnita #pigtrial #pigsareindividualsnotproperty #compassionisnotacrime #TheDutyToBearWitness










10 thoughts on “8 Amazing Piggy Facts & Faces

  1. The fact that anyone could be charged with an offense for offering thirsty animals on the way to slaughter is disgraceful and outrageous. The real crime is what is happening to the animals. It reveals both the ugliness and the power of the agricultural industry. I hope this causes a backlash against them and that there will be no penalties for a compassionate person who cared enough to help.

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    1. You are so right Marcia. What a warped world we live in if Anita is the one in the dock for a kind act, while the horror is what is being perpetrated on those poor animals. The world HAS to change. Let’s hope this farcical trial gets mega publicity and so this perversion of justice and social values is exposed for all to see. And let’s hope the court has the commonsense and decency to dismiss this ridiculous charge against a brave, kind woman.

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