On Long John Silver’s Shoulder

The video of this parrot is super cute and made me laugh out loud.


But then I wondered if this is really something I should be sharing. A while back, not longer after I started this blog, I wrote a post called  On Long John Silver’s Shoulder  And I think it’s worth revisiting because for the parrot, as with most species of animals with whom humans interact, there’s a darker story beneath.

Recent research offers a postscript to this: findings are that the beautiful intelligent parrot is the most endangered of all bird species.


6 thoughts on “On Long John Silver’s Shoulder

  1. Yes, cute in this case has led to disaster for all parrot species. Our neighbors had one lonesome parrot in a cage. He actually escaped when his keeper died, because the heirs left the cage and the window open. On purpose? Today I believe so. The parrot was too old to be sold, so no money could be made. On the contrary, they would have had to take care of him. So letting him “escape” was an easy way out.


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