Two for the Price of One

The good news just keeps rolling in, thick and fast!

No fewer than 279 schools in California, Colorado and New York are pioneering the way with a new plant-based nutrition program called Vegucate. The announcement came from the international animal protection organisation In Defense of Animals  The program is being led by Lean and Green Kids

“We are proud to be supporting children to reach their full potential through the power of healthy, plant-based nutrition. Overwhelming demand shows that educators are hungry for positive change. Plant-based eating is becoming very popular as people recognize the huge variety of positive benefits” says #DrMarilynKroplick, President of In Defense of Animals

Read full article in the Vegan Magazine (26th January 2016 – so still pretty warm, if not piping hot off the press!)

(It’s not just the school kids that can get Vegucated!  Not quite so fresh off the press but still noteworthy. the film Vegucated has won 5 awards and is described by hip hop mogul Russell Simmons as “funny, entertaining and informative film – a must-see”

New York Times writer Kathy Freston says, “This film can change your life in so many positive ways.”

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