Vegan Supermarket Chain Coming To United States In 2016

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Credit: Veganz Credit: Veganz

Source True Activist
By Amanda Froelich

Veganz, the world’s first all-vegan supermarket chain, will be opening in Portland, Oregon in 2016.

You’ve heard a plant-based diet is optimal for health and the environment, but do you ever get dismayed when perusing your local grocery store because you a) either don’t know what to buy or b) feel too tempted by conventional products to make healthy choices?

Perhaps your solution is right around the corner… As The Local reports, the world’s first vegan supermarket chain, “Veganz,” which was founded in Berlin, Germany, aims to go international and is set on opening a new location in the United States in 2016.

You can probably relate to the founder of the supermarket, Jan Bredack, who once considered himself a meat lover. He, too, enjoyed Standard European (and American)…

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2 thoughts on “Vegan Supermarket Chain Coming To United States In 2016

    1. I hope they come to the UK too – fingers crossed! I’m sorry vegan shopping is so hard for you:( I’m lucky. Have a wonderful store called The Unicorn near us. You don’t have to read any labels! I hope the growing veganisation will reach your neck of the woods soon x


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