Bee Heaven – the Recipe

 gbbc-logo-bee-saver-kit_0“Bees are beautiful, fascinating and inspiring insects and we need as many people as possible to contribute to the Great British Bee Count to help us better understand how they are faring in 21st Century Britain. Be warned – you may become obsessed with their amazing lifecycles and behaviour!”

– Steven Falk, author of Field Guide to the Bees of Great Britain and Ireland

Thousands responded, joining Friends of the Earth’s 2016 GBB Count to build up a picture of the state of the nation’s bees. Literally – participants contributed 14,000 photos. Great work, people.


The bees need us. We’ve already lost 20 species. And the ones that remain have a miserable 3% of the wildflowers to feed on that their forebears had 60 years ago.

So, it’s time to cook up a little bee bliss, guaranteed to lift our stripey friends out of the bee blues. Here’s our simple recipe. But forget the wooden spoon and bring out your best garden spade.


🐝  Plants bees love best. These 5 got the most bee visits according to the GBBC results. Bees voting with their probosces! In order of merit:-


🐝 This may seem like an odd time of year to be thinking about bees at all, but in fact now is the BEST possible time to plant shrubs such as these 5 bee mouthwaterers.

🐝  A water fountain – bees don’t just need nectar-rich plants, they need water too. Clean shallow water, with stones to land on. Bees’ work is thirsty work.

🐝  Blue, white and yellow flowers – easier for these guys to spot in their pursuit for pollen. Their ultraviolet spectrum makes it hard for them to tell the difference between red and green.

🐝  Flowers with just one layer of petals, like sunflowers. Single layer flowers give easier access to pollen and nectar.

Dahlia on left – bee-easy  Dahlia on right – phew, where is the stuff?

🐝  WEEDS! Learn to love them. Flowering weeds like dandelions and clover are bee-scrumptious, a banquet of pollen and protein. Don’t be a too-tidy gardener clearing away the feast before the guests have had a chance to sit down.


bee-saver-kit-hero-2🐝  The Bee Saver Kit -get yours here
🐝  Protect our bees! Friends of the Earth’s petition to rid the land of bee-harming pesticides.

Sign petition.

Mix ingredients together. If you can’t get hold of all the ingredients, use as many as you can. But for best results use all.

Leave be 🐝for a couple of years until well-matured. Your garden/yard will be abuzz.

Let the proboscis be the judge. Number of proboscis🐝votes indicates the level of bee bliss.

Enjoy your bees!

And join in next year’s Great British🐝Bee Count.

For full results of Friends of the Earth Great British Bee Count click here

Instructions on planting shrubs here

Free shopper’s guide to bee-friendly rapeseed oil here

Another petition to sign: Tell Kroger to say NO to bee-killing pesticides here


Friends of the Earth

Take Part

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