The Gruesome Truth about Cultured Meat

Are you excited at the prospect of lab-grown meat consigning livestock farming and all the attending animal suffering to the annals of history?

Then I’m sorry to throw cold water on your hopes. At the very least I need to spatter you with a warning spray.

In the technological utopia of ‘clean meat’, as is so often the case in the realm of food production, things are not quite what they seem. In fact, some ‘clean meats’ are not clean at all – they’re downright dirty. But there’s an element in this rapidly burgeoning industry that would much rather you didn’t know.

This article lifts the lid, and uncovers a process entirely reliant on the exact same death-march to the slaughterhouse it’s supposed to be replacing.

Of course, this is not new news. The amazing Bite Size Vegan has already unravelled the tangle for us in some extensive detail.

But this article goes straight to the heart of the matter – literally. The truth is simply awful. But we need to know. So please do read. It’s only short, and if this is news to you, share it around.

(Luckily there is still a way we can enjoy those juicy meaty burgers – just make sure you go for the ones cultured from plant cells using only a plant-based growth medium – like the famous Beyond Burger, or the Impossible Foods’ burger. Hampton Creek are promising to have on offer something soon too. Something both tasty and kind.

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Why is fetal cow blood used to grow fake meat?

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6 thoughts on “The Gruesome Truth about Cultured Meat

  1. The idea of meat created in a lab sounded good, as if the horrors of the factory farm and slaughterhouse could be left behind. The information here is really valuable in letting people know what lab-grown meat really involves. Obviously, the process still includes animal suffering and death.

    The process to get fetal bovine serum is beyond sad: A pregnant worn-out cow is shoved on a truck and sent to her death. The baby is born while his or her mother is being slaughtered and dismembered. The baby’s few minutes of life on this earth are spent giving up his/her blood for profit.

    Equally disturbing is the shameless mockery of those lives and deaths in some of Slate’s comments sections, for example:

    “The only important question is . . . does it [lab meat] taste good?”

    “In liberal land, there is much more concern given over to cow fetuses.”

    “Maybe it just wasn’t a good time for the cow to be pregnant.”

    ” “Every cow is sacred, every cow is great,
    When a cow is wasted, gods get quite irate.”

    “Cow fetuses are the new veal. Had some fetus parmigiana last night.”

    Makes me wish there were a way to formally withdraw from the human race.

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  2. Sickening. Yes, we should be able to formally ‘divorce’ the human race, like children ‘divorcing’ their dysfunctional parents. Reminds me of that line in the hymn, “From Greenland’s icy mountains …” which says, “Every prospect pleases, and only man is vile.”

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  3. Interesting article, much to think about, thank you, I think it will be a long time before grown meat will be entirely cruelty free. Frankly a plant based diet in my opinion will always be the best option for feeding the world’s growing population. Meat in any form is unhealthy and unnatural, we do not have the anatomy to eat and digest meat. Personally I cannot understand why people crave meat the way they do.

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