So How Are We Different?

From One Green Planet

“How we treat animals is often dependent on how they display characteristics we think are human.”

That is why London-based animal photographer Tim Flach focuses his lens on the close-up detail that “beautifully highlights the similarities between animals and humans. Flach told the New York Times that he wants his photos to engage people in debates about our relationship with animals.”

“If you go to the supermarket today, we’re more used to seeing packaged animals with no feathers and no head,” he says. He aims to show us how they should be seen. More and more we are learning about nonhumans’ personality, intelligence, and emotions, that are just like ours.

Animals display loving tendencies towards their young, their family, and their friends



They have proven to be much more intelligent than we ever thought possible



Though we feel like we are above or “better than” animals …

Photographer Takes Stunningly Simple Photos to Show Human and Animal Similarities

… they are incredibly similar to us in many ways



Their emotional capacity is astounding

Photographer Takes Stunningly Simple Photos to Show Human and Animal Similarities

Even the animals we consider completely different from us have human-like qualities


If you truly look at the animals around you …


… you will find how much you have in common with them …


… and how amazing they truly all are


Please, please, please check out Tim’s website. I have rarely, if ever, seen such stunning photos of animals. The man is a genius!



Photographer Takes Stunningly Simple Photos to Show Human and Animal Similarities | One Green Planet

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7 thoughts on “So How Are We Different?

  1. Amazing photos, indeed animals are very similar to us and posses many of the emotions that we do. I have never doubted that animals are sentient beings and it is good to see this validated in this way, as more and more the consensus supports this.I enjoyed this post immensely

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  2. There are many great photographers, but I believe Flach is superb beyond words. I don’t see how anyone can see the beautiful and speacial creatures we share this earth with and not have a sense of wonder and awe, as well as a profound desire to save them.

    I don’t understand the need to feel other animals are like us in order to value them as the lives and beings they are in themselves. It seems like a symptom of our own arrogance and of speciesism to insist they must somehow mirror us to be significant and worthy of respect. They deserve our that simply because they evolved as we did and they are here.

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  3. I agree. That is why I titled the post, “So how are we different?” – we are no more nor less than the other animals depicted here, and every other species. In fact, it’s often tempting to think watching the destruction and misery we cause, that of all species, humankind is much inferior. But it’s our commonalty that I think these pictures highlight. We are all one.


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