EU Animals Face Abuse And Torture During Live Exports | Care2 Causes

This is no less appalling for being not entirely unexpected. Who really would want to insist on buying chunks of our fellow animals’ tortured bodies to eat knowing they were personally contributing to such horror?

An investigation by Animals International has found that live animal exports from the European Union are subjected to inhumane treatment and conditions that have been described as abuse and torture. 

In an extensive exposé The Guardian reports on the Animals International operation that collected footage from various ports and abattoirs over an eight month period:

Dozens of undercover videos and photographs obtained by the Guardian show live cattle and sheep from EU countries being beaten, shocked with electric prods, held for days in overcrowded pens and covered head to toe in faeces as they are transported from Europe to their final destinations in Turkey and the Middle East in conditions that breach European law.

At their destination, at least some of the animals are slaughtered in appalling conditions. The footage shows cattle and sheep from France, Romania and Lithuania kicking and flailing violently as their throats are crudely cut or sawed at repeatedly, often in crowded street markets and run-down abattoirs.

The export of live animals has been a contentious issue for the EU for a number of years, with campaigners saying that not only is the practice unsound from a food safety point of view, it is deeply harmful to the animals and rife with abuse.

Please read on: EU Animals Face Abuse And Torture During Live Exports | Care2 Causes

3 thoughts on “EU Animals Face Abuse And Torture During Live Exports | Care2 Causes

  1. The shocking treatment of transported animals sickens me. I have signed the petitions. The real solution is to go vegan of course but in the short term we must bring an end to this horrific cruelty. It can be so overwhelming at times thinking about the continuous onslaught of cruelty in our world and live transport is among the cruellest ways in which animals are abused.

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  2. I find I have to never look at the videos, graphic photos or read the details. I have to block it from my mind and just keep signing and sharing the petitions. As you say, it is so overwhelming, so painful for us to know. How much worse for the poor creatures undergoing the fear, stress and physical suffering:(


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