Vegan Race Car Driver Leilani Münter Banned from SeaWorld

by LenaT for clearlyveg on January 8, 2017

Professional race car driver Leilani Münter was in the headlines recently as she will be driving the first vegan-powered race car during the ARCA race in Daytona, Florida on February 18. However, she posted some different news on her Facebook page today, and it seems that the animal rights activist has been banned from SeaWorld indefinitely.

After the tragic death of Tilikum, the 35-year-old orca held in captivity at SeaWorld who was the subject of the popular documentary Blackfish, Münter made a symbolic gesture to commemorate the orca’s life. She posted:

“I attempted to leave this sign for Tilikum at the entrance to SeaWorld today along with 33 red roses – one for each year he spent in captivity. For this offense, I have been banned from all SeaWorld properties indefinitely and they said if I ever set foot on any of their property again I will be arrested to which my response was, “That’s cool, I’m not a huge fan.””


The ban includes “Discovery Cove, Aquatica, Florida Festival, Places of Learning, Corporate Offices, Contact Center, Busch Gardens-Tampa, Adventure Island, or any SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment Properties,” and the complaint read:

“Subject was mourning loss of orca on property w/roses and sign without permission.”

Münter also posted live videos where she explained the incident in detail, which you can view here.

All photos from Leilani Münter’s Facebook page

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4 thoughts on “Vegan Race Car Driver Leilani Münter Banned from SeaWorld

  1. ludicrous isn’t it…. not allowed to mourn someone who had been stolen, enslaved and brutalised for profit, but pay to get in and ‘enjoy’ the enslavement of others, not a problem… farewell Tilikum, the horror is finally over, i am so very sorry humans deprived you of your life and family…

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