From Freedom to Hell – Flaviu Captured

Sad news indeed this Sunday morning. Flaviu is back in captivity at Dartmoor Zoo after walking into a ‘humane’ trap. The only blessing is that a farmer or hunter didn’t get to take a pot shot at him during his three weeks of freedom.

But it’s impossible not to wonder how much harder his captivity will be for him now after his taste of what life should be like for a lynx, a life in the wild, a life where he got to hunt for his food, stalk prey, climb trees, hide in woodland, drink from streams and pools, sleep under the stars.

Please never go to a zoo. Never take your children, your nephews and nieces.

Take the pledge

We are more sorry than we can say Flaviu, for what people have done to you and all the other animals kept against their will in sad captivity.

Sign here to support rewilding the lynx – petition to Natural England & Scottish Natural Heritage

Photo from Lynx UK Trust

Update on Dartmoor Zoo


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