Animalista Untamed Takes a Trip

The laptop is getting a break from its hard taskmistress, as it and I will be enjoying/enduring a forced separation for a couple of weeks. I’m off across the Atlantic for a road trip with my son and his lovely American family – Yellowstone, taking in the Badlands, the Black Hills, Custer State Park and Mount Rushmore on the way.

As well as a few stony-faced ex-presidents, I’m looking forward to seeing lots of iconic American wildlife, and getting a bonanza of photo opportunities – grandchildren and animals, what could be better. If that’s not living the dream….

There is just one fly in the soya milk – an absolute dearth of veg*n food😞. I’ve been to these parts before and food-wise my experience was not good. Picture a Pizza Hut in a small town, devoid of other diners, a ‘vegetarian’ pizza served to my veggie son slathered with salami. When he reminded the waitress he’d asked for vegetarian, she took the pizza back into the kitchen, peeled the salami off and served it up to him again. On another occasion I had a plate of what was less a ‘Greek salad’ – more a game of Hunt the Olive in a mountain of shredded iceberg lettuce.

So I have a choice. I can either do a lot of ‘deficit eating’ as Snoopy calls it in Charlie Brown, stoking up on lots of lovely vegan nosh before I go – sort of compensation in advance. Or, take emergency supplies with me. I’m going for the latter – well, I may indulge in a little of the former too😄 I have a wonderful box of 80 (80 yay!) of these bad boys (pic below), packets of oatcakes (no palm oil), and nuts and raisins. What do you reckon? Will I survive?Catering soya milk substitute plant milk longlife capsules

I’m also taking those two essentials, the sine qua non of civilised life, travel kettle and teabags because tea and kettles don’t seem to have found their way across the Atlantic to American hostelries, not the sort I’ll be staying in, anyway.

Not much room in the suitcase for clothes, but hey, a denim skirt and a few tops will do. As long as I have room for clean underwear, right? The grandkids won’t care if Grandma isn’t looking too chic.

So, my laptop and I will see you again in July, god willing. Be good – or not – and enjoy the beauties of June, wherever you are!


4 thoughts on “Animalista Untamed Takes a Trip

  1. Life as a vegan n the US is not as bad as you might anticipate. Gene Baur, the wonderful founder of Farm Sanctuary, has been on several road trips through the US and found some delicious vegan food in some unexpected places. Regrettably, I have not kept his fun journal but you might be able to find it when contacting Farm Sanctuary directly
    I am sure you could get some advice.
    Here’s another fun website that might give you some good ideas and tips:
    Also, even super market chains like Giants and Safeways nowadays have some vegan varieties available. So the tea might be your biggest problem 😉
    Wishing you a safe and pleasurable vegan trip 🙂

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    1. Thanks so much Alexandra, so kind of you. And apologies for maligning the great country that is the USA! Last time we did actually have a wonderful vegan meal prepared especially for us at a guest house run by a Swiss couple in the Black Hills. They’d travelled miles to get the right ingredients. Plus my daughter had the pleasure of their cat on her lap while we dined. Purrfect! I’ll let you know how I fared when I get back xx


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