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If you were to venture up to the north-eastern Chukotka region of Russia, you would find yourself in the middle of an arctic tundra. Firstly, it would be absolutely freezing. Secondly, you would be hard pressed to find any semblance of life apart from yourself. So, why would Ivan Kislov venture off into this frozen wasteland during his breaks working as a mining engineer?

Well … turns out there is more than snow in the Chukotka. This snow covered region is the native hunting grounds of wild foxes. Thanks to their thick coats, these foxes are able to withstand the cold and thrive in this otherwise unideal habitat. Foxes are majestic, wonderful animals in their own right, but seeing their bright fur juxtaposed against a snow-white backdrop is absolutely fantastic. Noting their beauty, Kislov has taken to photographing the foxes in Chukotka.


Kislov works long shifts at a mining facility in Chukotka. When he gets a break, he sets out with his camera to photograph the local foxes.


Foxes are naturally very curious animals, so Kislov is able to get close without disturbing their everyday routines.


Kislov sees photography as a relaxing break from his usual workday. 


While photography might be a relaxing hobby for Kislov, his photos show angles and a depth typically found in lifelong professional photographers.


These foxes are a very common predator in Chukotka, but they are listed as an endangered animal.


While the fox is the main subject of Kislov’s work, he also photographs other wildlife including elk, bears and birds.


Kislov explains that the fox is the most willing of his subjects, however. Just look at this happy fox – what a ham!


These photos capture the wild lives these animals lead completely separate from humans … save for the occasional photographer who crosses through.


If you ask us, it seems that maybe Kislov should quit his day job and pursue photography full time. 


There is an incredible ease in the foxes. This one looks as if he’s about to drift off into a snow-filled dream.


When the winter months subside, the foxes really come to life.


You can see the vivid curiosity in this fox’s eyes. “Hmm a camera … to eat, or not to eat?” 


And of course, warmer weather means fox cubs! 


It’s incredible how these photos make you feel as if you know these animals and understand the difficulty as well as the joy that comes with their lives. 



To see more of Ivan Kislov’s photography, check out his website and 500px page.

All image source: Ivan Kislov

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