Veganism up by 350%

Veganism is up by 350% according to a new study conducted by Ipsos Mori for the Vegan Society in partnership with Vegan Life magazine.

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Veganism is the fastest growing lifestyle movement, it seems. There are over half a million (542,000) vegans in the UK, compared with 150,000 10 years ago when the last survey was done.

Jasmine de Boo, CEO of the Vegan Society says,”The reasons behind the rise of veganism are numerous: the positive portrayal in the media has contributed to its changing image; documentaries on the shocking realities and consequences of animal agriculture have gained prominence; delicious-looking vegan recipes have multiplied online and on social media as society becomes increasingly health-conscious; and top vegan athletes keep proving that you can be fit and healthy on a plant-based diet.

“Going vegan is the best thing any individual can do for the animals, the planet and your health. What are you waiting for?”

You can try going vegan with the 30 Day Vegan Pledge. Sign up for free at and receive daily emails of advice, info and many great recipes.

Source: Veganism up by 350%

4 thoughts on “Veganism up by 350%

  1. And I think it is happening all over the world Christoffer. Young people especially are awakening to the terrible injustice nonhuman animals are suffering at human hands. I’m hopeful we’ll be seeing big changes!


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