Meat’s Dark Secrets Laid Bare by iAnimal

Exciting Exciting Exciting News!

It’s just a few short weeks since Animal Equality‘s project iAnimal burst upon the scene (Are You Ready to Try iAnimal?) Though I’m sure its planning and production took quite a bit longer than that! But it’s already creating a tremendous buzz. Thousands of people are for the first time having their eyes opened to what goes on behind the closed doors of factory farms and slaughterhouses. iAnimal is possibly the single most important initiative in animal advocacy, and looks set to carry the movement surging forward on an unstoppable tidal wave of success. 

The latest news from Animal Equality landed on the Inbox mat today:-

Thanks to our supporters, our iAnimal virtual reality project is changing – and saving – lives around the world!

On Campus:

Our UK university tour got underway this month with visits to King’s College London and the University of Exeter. Hundreds of students and staff queued up each day for our 360 degree immersive experience into the lives of farmed animals. All were shocked by the harsh reality of factory farming.

The video is having a huge impact as hundreds of UK Students have already pledged to reduce their meat consumption or go meat-free. You can take the virtual tour here.

In the US, our West Coast iAnimal tour started in California with visits to UC Berkeley, Stanford, UCLA and USC – alerting thousands to the suffering hidden inside factory farms and slaughterhouses.

Public Events:

iAnimal had its UK premiere at Brighton VegFest last month and was a roaring success! Many exasperated veggies and vegans brought their omnivorous partners, parents and friends to our stand and urged them to watch iAnimal. Most obliged and were greatly affected by the immersive experience, with many vowing to cut out meat immediately!

Last week, we brought iAnimal to the German House of Representatives! We are planning to hold a viewing in the UK Houses of Parliament too.


This weekend we’ll be holding an iAnmal event at Forest Green Rovers FC – the UK’s first vegan football club. Supporters of Animal Equality are being offered HALF PRICE tickets to the April 2nd match. To get yours email or call 01453 834860.


I didn’t know what to expect, but that was horrible. I can’t eat meat again after watching  that, because I could never kill an animal like that, so I shouldn’t eat them.

Student, University of Exeter

We will be bringing iAnimal to many more UK universities, businesses and high streets over the coming months – and you can help us increase our reach! If you would like us to visit your campus, workplace, or attend your event please do get in touch at

Together we are changing the world for animals!

Toni Shephard

PS: We’ll be at the Northern Vegan Festival with iAnimal on April 23rd. Come and try it!


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