I loved this image of a cow enjoying the view from the balcony of ‘her’ house. It seemed to go well with this little poem which turns the tables on us humans. With a little humour making a serious point.


Black white cow balcony house admiring view

Imagine if animals turned the tables
They pay council tax and we lived in stables
We bore cubs while they yielded clubs

And we’d flee at the sight of a crows advance
Encroaching on our habitat and chopping down our banks
Selectively breed us to determine the best
The rest of us consigned to a series of tests

And when they got bored they could hunt us for sport
Photograph dead child, smiling with their cohorts
Observe us in our natural environment
Suited and booted at the water cooler for their entertainment
And the moment we got a little too dull
We could be in line for a humane cull

Ibby 2015

Ibrahim Ali Ismail

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