iAnimal at Ground-Breaking Football Club Forest Green Rovers

Based in Nailsworth in Gloucestershire, Forest Green Rovers FC is the world’s greenest football club and has the only fully vegan menu in the game!

Dale Vince, the founder of green energy company Ecotricity, became chairman of the club in 2010 and has since introduced a number of environmental initiatives including the vegan menu, installing an organic pitch, a water recycling scheme and a robotic lawn-mower which is powered through solar panels on the roof of the stadium.

Read a brilliant interview with Dale here

On Saturday 2^nd April FGR are supporting Animal Equality at their match against Wrexham. Fans will have the chance to try on the iAnimal virtual reality headsets to experience a unique immersive experience into the lives of farmed animals as well as find out more about our work.


FGR are inviting supporters of Animal Equality along to the match for HALF PRICE! To make the most of this offer please email reception@fgrfc.com or call 01453 834860 to arrange your tickets. Kick off for the crucial match against promotion-chasing Wrexham is at 3pm and early booking is recommended.

We are very excited about this opportunity to reach FGR fans with iAnimal and let them discover what the meat industry tries so hard to hide from people. We’re also looking forward to trying their legendary vegan food – and maybe watch a bit of football too! We hope you’ll take advantage of this half price ticket offer and join us!

Toni Shephard

PS: iAnimal has been making headlines around the world, including this great piece!


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