The Crufts Effect – Dead Puppies Dumped Like Rubbish in a Ditch

This illustrates perfectly but tragically my previous post 6 Good Reasons to Pass up on Crufts

RSPCA continues campaign against illegal dog farming – the Mirror March 14 2016


RSPCA investigators say the tiny animals were just six – eight weeks old, too young even to have been taken from their mothers. They fear the ditch is being regularly used to dispose of sick pups. They also found decomposed remains of many more dogs at the spot. The puppies were filthy, showing signs of having been kept in their own waste.

The discovery comes after the Mirror revealed nearly 200 sick puppies are being trafficked into Britain every day as soaring demand for designer dogs fuels the brutal £100 million industry.

soaring demand for designer dogs fuels the brutal £100 million industry

The harrowing images of a dumping ground for dead puppies, discovered in a quiet country lane on Feb 27, were released by the RSPCA to highlight the cruel trade.The RSPCA said 70,000 of the vulnerable creatures were illegally transported here by Irish and Eastern European gangs last year – a massive increase from 1,800 reported in official figures five years ago.

The pups are often inbred and kept in horrendous conditions, making them susceptible to fatal diseases, before being sold to unwitting animal-lovers.

The RSPCA has told people to be on their guard when buying pets after this horrific find cast new light on the illegal farming and trafficking of puppies, and has launched a campaign, Scrap the Puppy Trade, calling for new legislation to better protect dogs and puppies being bred for sale, and for dog breeders to have to obtain a licence.

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3 thoughts on “The Crufts Effect – Dead Puppies Dumped Like Rubbish in a Ditch

  1. Sadly, this is not only a British problem. People want puppies and “designer breeds”. And often are too naive to think about the consequences when buying an animal on a whim or without thinking where the animal comes from.


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