6 Good Reasons to Pass up on Crufts


The Kennel Club not only put on this world famous dog show, they also lay down in writing the physical standards each breed must conform to, and keep the pedigree register.



No 1  The way pedigree dogs are bred induces diseases that are breed specific. Or as PETA  so succinctly puts it, “Purebred is a euphemism for inbred.” Here is a handy list.

No 2  We’ve all heard the heavy labouring breath that goes with the squashed faces of Pekes and Pugs. Pedigree dogs are bred to have certain exaggerated features that are actual physical deformities. The RSPCA lists 11 examples that seriously affect the dogs’ health and quality of life.

No 3  Fickle fashion dictates which pedigree dog is today’s status symbol. Whether it’s the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, a modest £9000 a pop, or should I say, a pup. Or the very top drawer Tibetan Mastiff – one of these beasties  recently sold at auction, yes at auction, for £1.6 million. Do we seriously want to turn man’s best friend into a designer accessory with a price tag?  The Telegraph

No 4  Why be complicit in lining breeders’ pockets? The stud dogs and breeding bitches are being used as cash cows. As profitable puppy machines, the bitches in particular have poor quality of life.

No 5  Now this is the one that makes me angry and sad in equal measure. Every year here in the UK we have approximately 110,000 strays, nearly half of those abandoned by their owners. Many that simply stray out of the garden or on a walk do get reclaimed, but many many more languish miserably in rescue centres waiting and hoping for a new home. Worst of all, roughly 5,000 dogs, unlucky, unwanted, unloved, are put down. That is 14 innocent dogs put to death every day of the year. Dogs Trust Stray Survey

No 6  75% of the 9 million dogs kept in the UK are pedigrees. I defy you to visit any dog rescue shelter in the country and not come away crying.

Blue Cross Adoptions

RSPCA Adoptions

Dogs Trust Rehoming

Crufts show is just a breeding ground for canine cruelty – Belfast Telegraph

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9 thoughts on “6 Good Reasons to Pass up on Crufts

  1. A very informative post, lots I did not know about. Sadly as usual its all about money, profit proft proft that is all most people care about these days at the expensive of animals, each other than the environment. So heartbreaking about all the unwanted dogs in shelters and the thousand who are killed every year. Many people have a distorted view of the world and their relationship with animals.

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