157 Reasons to Smile

When I hauled myself out of bed this morning and drew aside the curtain, I had to resist an almost overpowering urge to slouch back under the duvet. Through the window the day was grey, gloomy, damp and depressing, which chimed perfectly with my mood.

I have a favourite uncle who is the most cheerful, smiley person I know – he makes a point of never watching the news and never reading the paper. I often wonder if he has the right recipe for leading a long and happy life. But then I remembered what I’d said in a previous post, “knowledge is power. When we know, we can act.” And when so many animals lives are at stake and there is so much suffering, how can we just stick our heads in the sand?

So when I steeled myself to open up the laptop once again, I was delighted to find this lying on my Inbox mat – 157 Reasons to Smile.

All those “20 Trending Posts You Must Read”, “7 Ways to Live a More Creative Life”, “31 Tips to Spice up Your ….” (fill in the blank as you will) can get a bit tedious, can’t they?

But these 157 reasons rekindled the fire in my belly and really did make me smile!

The conservation of global marine ecosystems is essential for our existence.  Yet it seems that the laundry list of challenges we face increases daily.  How do we continue to persevere?  Would the knowledge that we are winning help us stay the course?  Absolutely.


It turns out, we have won across the globe.  Shark protection has gained so much momentum that our victories are increasing exponentially.  Ocean conservationists should be made aware of just how much our community has achieved. We wanted to showcase these successes in one place as a resource and as inspiration. We wanted to let our accomplishments become our motivation, an example of all that we can continue to do.

“If we can clearly see our successes, we will be motivated to continue our efforts.” This was the statement Edi Fommenwiler used to champion our “Wins for Fins” program. 

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Now the sun has come out. It’s all good. Onward and upward!

(Written before I heard the great news about the National Wildlife Crime Unit😄)

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