A Landmark Moment for Animal Rights

Europe decides rabbits are more important than eyeshadow

This is welcome news, long overdue. Let’s hope the US will follow suit and the rest of the world will catch up. I long for the day when ALL animal testing is history.

The European Union is scheduled to ban all animal-tested products next month, but the rest of the world hasn’t followed suit. This is a landmark moment for animal rights’ activists.

It’s common knowledge that much of the cosmetic and personal care industry tests products on animals. Despite advances in technology, animal experiments are still particularly cruel—and surprisingly ineffective in determining a product’s safety. That’s why the European Union recently announced that after years of delays, it’s finally banning the import and sale of all animal-tested products and ingredients, starting March 11.

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9 thoughts on “A Landmark Moment for Animal Rights

  1. Awesome news! but do you think the US will get the message? And we still have work to do towards healthcare charities who fund animal testing (see ThinkB4UGive.com) in their work to find cures, as well as animal testing for pharmaceutical drugs, etc.

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    1. We have the same here with health charities. Awful to think a charitable donation will go to pay for an animal to be tortured. Some of our antivivisection and animal charities produce directories of good and ‘bad’ charities, so we know who NOT to donate to!

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      1. Yes Exactly! I have many of them noted on my website so others know and in my blog posts I spotlight if they do or don’t. Many people have no idea that this kind of crap goes on, or they just turn a blind eye. Very sad!

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