Countryside Alliance Sued After Hunting Dogs Killed 59 Racing Pigeons

I don’t agree with keeping and breeding pigeons for racing, but any bad publicity for the hunt and CA is good publicity in my book!

A pigeon fancier who lost 59 racing pigeons after hunting dogs strayed onto his property and killed the birds is to receive more than £60,000 in damages.

Maurice Weir told a court he witnessed a “bloodbath” when hounds from a local hunt club attacked the birds on his land in Loughgall, County Armagh.

He sued the Countryside Alliance over the intrusion by the Kinnego Grange and Canary Hunt Club’s dogs in 2009.

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5 thoughts on “Countryside Alliance Sued After Hunting Dogs Killed 59 Racing Pigeons

  1. This is a tricky situation: bad news for hunting is applaudable. But breeding pigeons while so many pigeons are in dire straits should not be supported, either. Most pigeons come from exactly such breeders who only care for those animals who make it back healthy and well. All others fill our cities and are seen as “pests” by most people or simply die trying to find their way home. And the pigeons breeding clubs share no responsibility for the animals who never made it home again.

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  2. While I do not condone pigeon breeding and racing this is nonetheless another reason why all hunting should be banned. While in the Yorkshire Dales I have seen stray hunting dogs chasing sheep, not to mention the awfulness of hearing gun shots knowing that some poor defenceless animal such as a rabbit or pheasant or other helpless creature has lost his life. It’s heartbreaking knowing there is nothing you can do.

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