Tory Government ‘Committed’ to Vote on Repealing Fox Hunting Ban

I’m outraged by this government’s blatant disdain for the opinion of the majority of voters in this country, and their pandering to their cronies in the Countryside Alliance.

A YouGov Poll taken on January 9th 2016 showed that 51% are in favour of retaining the Hunting Ban and only 33% in favour of repeal.

Outraged but not surprised. Mr Cameron seems to take little notice of anyone he doesn’t care to listen to, including the House of Commons. In March 2014 MPs voted overwhelmingly to halt the badger cull – 219 votes to 1. The motion had been brought by a Tory MP Anne Main. Not only was the cull not halted, the government has plans to roll it out in several more counties this year, in spite of massive public opposition including from scientific and wildlife experts.

Democracy or autocracy?

Huffington Post article by Graeme Demianyk below

The Government will give MPs the chance to vote to scrap the ban on hunting, a minister has confirmed, after an attempt last year failed.

Cabinet Office Minister, Matthew Hancock, renewed the Tory manifesto pledge that could see the Labour Hunting Act repealed, saying the party was “committed” to it.

Attempts to table a vote last year to lift the two-hound limit on hunting foxes for vermin control purposes was blocked due to opposition from the SNP and some Conservative MPs.

fox hunting

Animal rights campaigners protesting against government plans to bring back fox hunting in July

However, a vote is more likely now new rules banning Scottish MPs from voting on matters which only affect England have come into force.

A similar “commitment” in the Tory-Lib Dem coalition failed to materialise over the five year Parliament.

Mr Hancock, who is in charge of implementing his party’s manifesto, was quizzed by the BBC’s Sunday Politics as it launched its Manifesto Tracker. The ‘Tracker’ will charts the progress of promises made by the Conservatives as they unexpectedly win the election.

Presenter Andrew Neil asked: “Hunting. When will you give parliament the chance to repeal the Hunting Act?”

Hancock: “We’re committed to doing that.”

Neil: “But when?”

Hancock: “Well, we’re committed to doing it in this parliament. So we looked at doing it early on, as everybody told us, we decided not to do it then, but that’s something that we’re committed to.”

 The SNP had said it would not vote on English-only matters, and specifically cited fox hunting as an example, but changed its mind after “overwhelming demand from people in England”.


27th December 2019 Foxhunting carries on with impunity, says former police chief

3 thoughts on “Tory Government ‘Committed’ to Vote on Repealing Fox Hunting Ban

  1. It seems that Cameron will not accept the majority concerning fox hunting. He has no respect for democracy, the electorate or wild animals including foxes. It will be a sad day concerning our ethical progress if the fox hunting ban is repealed, such barbarity has no place in any modern society. It is time all hunting and that include grouse shooting and deer stalking, in which Cameron takes part, and the like was banned. Most decent people do not wish to see the return of fox hunting and the majority doesn’t want badger culling either. A favourite quote of mine says it all about Cameron as a person “Compassion for animals is intimately associated with goodness of character, and it may be confidently asserted that he who is cruel to animals cannot be a good man.” Arthur Schopenhauer

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