Tories Show Contempt for Animals Once Again

The National Wildlife Crime Unit will cease to exist come April if our government here in the UK has its way. (Petition – please sign and share) Their ferocious austerity programme has savagely cut the funding for just about everything that matters in this country. Yet they find the money to fund expensive, cruel and pointless badger culls not to mention the astronomical sums to renew the useless* Trident missile system.

The NWCU a small but globally admired team of specialist police officers has done sterling work gathering and analysing intelligence on wildlife crime which it then passes on to local police forces. It trains officers from local forces to investigate wildlife crimes and bring successful prosecutions. It has also proved invaluable in cracking down on CITES infringements.

It costs a mere £427,000 annually to run. Compare that with last year’s badger cull at £16,000,000 according to the BBC. And Trident at a staggering £167 billion!  The Guardian

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*Useless because experts have advised that the system is susceptible to hacking and could be made inoperable with great ease by any hostile party so inclined.

Photo courtesy of LACS

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