Top 10 Broken New Year Resolutions and One to Keep

The resolution which will help kind people be even kinder

So Christmas is over, overspending, over-drinking, over-eating, overdosing on old films flickering across the TV. The Christmas leftovers are finally used up – thank goodness! The recycle bin is overflowing with boxes, wrapping paper and empty bottles, and half the needles have dropped off the tree. We’re in the trough of the post-Chistmas slump, already trying to poke into the mind’s darkest recess the horrible prospect of the next credit card bill and the extra weight the mince pies have put on us in all the wrong places.

Or maybe we’re anticipating 2016 and what it holds in store for us. The PCS (post-Christmas slump) is always a good time to plan a holiday and think of sun, sand and sea. Which sadly brings us back to those mince pies –  this body is definitely not beach-ready. Maybe I should think about working out, getting a bike, going on a diet? January 1st 2016 is rapidly approaching and   it’s time to think about those New Year resolutions.

According to Time Magazine the Top Ten Commonly Broken New Year’s Resolutions are as follows:

If any of those are on your list too, I think I can help out with some – 1, 3, 4, and possibly 5.  And hopefully this time round they won’t fizzle out before the end of January! But I’ll come to that…

First of all let’s talk about love and kindness, which is what Christmas is all about, isn’t it? We’ve all donated to food banks, the Salvation Army’s Christmas Present Appeal, put extra tins and packets in the local sanctuary’s collection box. We all love our families and chose thoughtful gifts for them. We would do anything for them. We have pets. They all got Christmas gifts too. We consider them family. Most of us love animals and are kind to them. We hate cruelty. We want to see people who’ve done cruel things to animals punished. When we shop we like to buy high welfare meat and dairy. We are kind people and so are our friends. “He/she wouldn’t hurt a fly” we say of each other. And it’s true.

But there’s one massive black hole in our consciousness, into which has fallen the plight of farmed animals. There is no need for me to go into detail here of what they have to endure. It’s all there in plain view online at our fingertips, VivaAnimal AidPETA etc etc etc etc  So please please please at the start of this new year resolve not to keep the suffering of these animals padlocked away in those dark, never explored recesses of your mind, where they can’t give you any inconvenient qualms. The start of 2016 is the time to bring them into the light of day, time for a personal epiphany.

So, back to the New Year’s Resolutions and here is my suggestion


Make January VeganuaryUnknown-1


There couldn’t be a better way to start the New Year than to move to a vegan diet. For your health, for the environment, and above all for kindness


Vegan Is The Kind Diet


As a personal favour to me take a good look at’s colourful friendly website. There are recipes, info on eating out, on vegan products from which there are so many to choose these days, and a vegan starter kit. And take a squint at the section on Vegan Myths which blows that Top Ten Resolutions list right out of the water – there are 66 vegan myths listed!!! And the first is of course, “But where do you get your protein?” The answers are all there.

And if you’re not sure you’re quite ready for that, why not consider a couple of meat and dairy-free days a week. You’ll pleasantly surprise yourself how easy it is.

It does all make for a kinder world and less suffering – and who would not want that?Unknown

If you need anything else to induce you to make this your New Year Resolution and at the same time bring your lifestyle right into line with your kind heart, take a squint at this article in the Guardian

But honestly, take a look at anyway –  it’s just so darn good!

Wishing everyone a happy, healthy and kinder New Year!

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