Easy Vegan Mince Pies – Yum!

I hope the #Christmas Fairy doesn’t banish me to the frozen North for the sacrilegious act of making #mincepies in June this year, as well as these I’ve just made now. The glorious British mince pie doesn’t seem to have breached the US border defences as yet, and my son (who pines for the things) and his family were visiting here from mince-pie-desert, #Minnesota. My 16 year old American granddaughter also found them irresistible.

Oh, and you’ll be pleased to know that according to Wiki  the popular claim that it is illegal to eat them #ChristmasDay is only an #urbanmyth. Glad we got that cleared up!

Makes approx 17

Ingredients for the pastry

350g SR flour

175g Pure or other vegan margarine

Enough water to make smooth dough (approx 4 tbsps)


Ingredients for the mincemeat

400 – 450g mixed dried fruit

1 ripe banana

1 dessert apple

(A little pineapple, mango, cranberry or other fruit is good too. Get creative!)

Grated rind and juice of 1 orange and/or 1 lemon as preferred

Mixed spice (1 tsp or quantity to taste)

1 tsp maple or agave syrup



Make pastry as usual. Little tip: divide pastry dough in 2 and roll out half at a time. Cut the tops out first. They’re the ones you want to look nice

Blend mincemeat ingredients until well chopped but not pureed

Fill pastry case really full!

Cook for 10-12 minutes at 200˚ but take care not to brown

Yummy with #vegan custard, cream or ice-cream – nom nom nom



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