Jackdaw Juv.

This little guy really pulled my heartstrings

In our garden I set out for our feathered friends every morning a good hearty breakfast – breadcrumbs rolled in sunflower oil, and ripe pears. And last winter my daily visitors included a small flock of jackdaws who would stage an in-out snatch-and-grab operation. I call them my robber barons, and handsome guys they are.

And everyday, but much later than the rest of the flock, as if like a teenager he couldn’t haul himself out of bed in time, this raggedy juvenile showed up. Looking through the kitchen window, watching as he wandered about in search of leftovers, my heart ached a little for his unheeding innocence and lack of fear.

It will hardly make me a Nobel Laureate, butI wrote this in his honour:

Jackdaw Juv.

There you are again

My little scruffy mate

Bumbling over the lawn in hope 

Of sad specks of yesterday’s feast




Gawky knock-kneed teen


Your kin, svelte-suited




You, pathos in feathers,

I surround in a bubble of love

Photo courtesy of Monedula @Wilimedia Commons

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